About Ian Lasok-Smith (Philatelist)

Having published my first website GBPhilately.co.uk in 1999 I now have and continue to develop a portfolio of websites covering all aspects of GB Philately. These websites cater for the more discerning general collecor up to the ultra specialist. 
GB Specialist Stamps "showcases" a range of fine and scarce items from all reigns and areas of Great Britain Philately and is suited to  those collectors who are looking to add eye catching and perhaps exhibition quality items to their collections. What makes an item "eye catching" is a matter of individual taste. Items appearing on this site will include scarce and rare sometimes unique pieces. Attractive multiples, key positional pieces and sometimes just exceptionally fine quality examples of otherwise general items. Having a high retail price is NOT a requirement for listing on this site.
The site also includes my main and comprehensive listings of: Missing Phosphor, Missing Embossing, Missing Phosphor & Embossing and Inverted Watermark Varieties.  Ocassionaly some items listed here may appear on my other websites most will only be listed here. 
For further and more comprehensive selections of GB Postage Stamps and related material for the specialist and discerning collector, please visit my other sites. They have been designed and continue to evolve to cover all apects stamps and related interests such as postal history, postal stationery, all manner of varieties from constant varieties through missing colours, watermark varieties to the more "one off" printing varities such as dry prints, paperfolds, blade flaws.........the interesting and unusual. 
Should a visit to one of my sites make you visit another at the same time, and should you make purchases from more than one site a refund of any excess postage will be made directly back to your account at time your order is prepared for delivery.



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Full member of the Philatelic Traders Society. Membership No. 5904
Great Britain Philatelic Society
Modern British Philatelic Circle
The Postal Stationery Society